What Is It?

A nonprofit organization differs from a for-profit entity because of its tax-exempt status. As a tax-exempt nonprofit, your organization is exempt from federal income taxes, at the state and local level. In some cases, you may receive more exemptions such as property, sales taxes and other special fees.

Who Is It For?

A nonprofit organization's mission is to address society's most critical needs. Nonprofit organizations serve in a variety of sections. From religious, education, social services to the arts, nonprofits bring a host of benefits. They make our communities more vibrant and livable for all its residents.

How We Can Help

Nonprofits often face operational challenges because of its complex reporting requirements and specialized tax laws. Not only will you encounter increased financial scrutiny to keep tax-exempt status, but you are also responsible for financial reporting, meeting goals, and satisfying all governing bodies.

As advisers, we offer comprehensive accounting and tax services for nonprofit organizations like yours. We can setup and maintain your non-profit's tax-exempt status. We can handle all the complexities of your IRS reporting requirements for you.

Are you looking to make a difference in your community? Contact us today and we can help you get your nonprofit organization started.

How can we help you today?



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